Acoustica applications

We are Versatile

Furniture & Cabinets

Our perforated panels can be used as cabinets and wardrobe shutters serving two purposes.  

Public Spaces

In airports, ballrooms, stations and in lobbies, acoustic panels is an important element to reduce noise and add tranquility to already loud environment.

Home Interiors

Our acoustic panels can ideally be used as wall and/or ceiling panels or tiles.

Healthcare Facilities

Treating noise is crucial in healing process and key factor in preserving wellbeing. 

Work Spaces

Whether perforated or slotted, acoustic panels are a must for serene offices and a booster of human performance.

Educational Facilities

Learning in universities, schools, faculties, and even in nurseries can seriously be hampered by noise.

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A wonderful serenity has taken possession of our spaces.


Why Acoustica

Many reasons why could Acoustica be your best shot at acoustic panels. From amazing collection of trendy decors to outstanding acoustic performance, Acoustica stands out amongst peers. 




Tested for performance

By one of the world's best accredited labs.


Wide rang of decors

Wood grains, solid colors or abstracts.


Short lead times.

Fast delivery makes considerable difference.


Unique patterns

Check collections for absolute delight.

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Project planning

Our team can assist with project design and planning.